Saturday, October 24, 2009

How to send an accusation, in the 21st Century

Friends, I am sorry for not posting a new entry for a week. Did you think that I was running out of new materials? It is in fact quite the opposite: I am overwhelmed by too many materials! Hopefully I will be able to cover them, one by one.

Meanwhile, there were some developments in Japan. A nice guy :-) finally sent out an official inquiry to the University of Tokyo, concerning Dr. Anilir's use of research funding. There is a dedicated address (operated by an independent office), in order to receive accusation on possible misuse of research funds at the University of Tokyo. Accusations is not a new business, but the new aspect this time is that he made the letter public, along with the postal tracking code, on the internet. Anyone could track the delivery of the letter :-) [The letter was delivered to the office, and then already forwarded to the University.] Did anybody foresee such a use of the internet?

Want to see the photo of the package? also this one?


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