Saturday, October 17, 2009

Plagiarism in 11 dimensions

Dr. Anilir claims he is a cosmologist who studied "11 dimensional theory of the universe". In his book "Space Elevator", he tries to explain his "theory" to the readers. Because it is a book for general public, he does not attempt to explain scientific details. (It is certainly understandable. However, we do not find any serious scientific paper on cosmology by him.) Instead, he shows several nice-looking figures to illustrate his "theory".

However, unfortunately, many of them seem to belong to other authors.

In page 66 of "Space Elevator", Dr. Anilir presents a figure with the caption "'Anilir model of the universe' from the viewpoint of the newly created concept of 'outside the universe'".
However, the identically-looking figure can be found at the web page of Dr. Schombert at University of Orgeon : See also
The original figure of the curved surface seems to be (shown above, the figure in black and white)
William P. Thurston and Jeffrey R. Weeks. The Mathematics of Three-dimensional Manifolds. Scientific American, pages 108--120, July 1984.

Dr. Anilir is even selling "11-dimensional universe T-shirts":
The web site claims "Let's start traveling another dimension, wearing the shape of the universe nobody has seen before." Sorry, I am afraid that the shape was seen before....

Likewise, he presents a strange-looking figure in page 65, with the caption "Model of the '11-dimensional theory of the universe' submitted to a physics journal of Cambridge University. A new concept going beyond the standard theory in cosmology was proposed."

Curiously, however, the same figure appears to illustrate "4-dimensional house" in the web article featuring Dr. Anilir: Apparently Dr. Anilir himself is rather confused. Is it 11-dimensional or 4-dimensional?

In fact, again, we can find the identical figure at

In page 71, he again shows a beautiful picture with the caption "'Outside the universe' captured by 11-dimensional point of view. Looking from 'outside the universe', there exist various universes with different laws from the environment in the earth. The universe is kept by the balance of each." (Sorry if this does not sound meaningful; I tried to translate what the original Japanese caption says.)

Now, we are not so much surprised when we find the identically-looking figure elsewhere: (second of the figures at the top)
(A bigger figure, shown above, was salvaged from the internet archive)

So, what about Dr. Anilir's "11-dimensional theory of the universe"? We don't find any scientific paper of him on the subject, and several figures which are supposed to represent the theory are apparently taken from works of other people.....


  1. these blogs include stories of lots of plagiarism cases from Turkey;
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    to be continued.....

    these blogs are mainly in Turkish,
    but they include enough material
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    similar examples from the world, etc. ;
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    to get an idea about what is going on.

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    plagiarism is unwritten official policy of university system in Turkey.
    academicians explicitly teach this to their students.
    they don't need to hide.


    Serkan Anilir seems to have
    a bSc degree from Turkey
    (Yildiz technical university),
    a msc degree from Germany,
    and a phd degree from Japan (university of Tokyo).

    > it is found that over half
    > (53% as of writing this)
    > of his Ph.D. thesis
    > is copied from publications
    > or web pages of other people.

    this means that
    the situation of plagiarism in Japan
    (and in Germany)
    needs also a closer look.

    at the top of the page frame of blog-2 above,
    there is a link in English which tells a similar story (from Germany) with blog-2 :

    - Copy, Shake, and Paste
    - A blog about plagiarism from a German professor, written in English.
    - Thursday, December 18, 2008
    - Fake Conferences

    university of Tokyo's decision about Serkan Anilir's phd thesis (and about some of Serkan Anilir's publications) will determine the difference (if there is).
    universities in Turkey say good work even for a 100% plagiarized phd (or msc) thesis (or publication), while whole world know and say just the opposite.
    blog-1 & blog-2 above include lots of examples of this.
    (turnitin reports, colored pdf-s to show plagiarized parts, etc ;
    some in english ,
    some in turkish but no need to know Turkish to see the plagiarism )
    of these officially washed and cleaned (??) plagiarism examples are available online (downloadable, some directly viewable) in blog-2 and especilaly in blog-1.



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  4. It seems true that in a lot of cases scientific research in Turkey is confused with "cheviri" = 'translation'. So the only thing "scholars" do is learn the original language, and translate the publications in that language, and put them "as they are" into their "theses"; and of course, acquire their degrees and all the priviledges connected with them. And this all is just frustrating!

  5. >Anon above,

    Well, that may be true. But in Serkan's case, he didn't even bother to "translate". He just copied and pasted a bunch of English text and figures from various sources and submitted it as a thesis (in English). Oh, yeah, he did care enough to plagiarize some sentences so that the work appeared as his original. This guy is a premeditated con artist or a pathological liar.

  6. 'Fraud' counts genius in turkey. and this is one of the biggest obstacle in front of the development of turkey's scientific research.
    yeah, even the professors and instructors do this as well.
    this is a serious problem (for turkey) that must be taken into account and solved legally and seriously!

  7. correction to the message ( May 18, 2010 5:36 PM ) by Anonymous ::
    - Tansu KUCUKONCU has "NOT" (!!) added many academicians as committee members in WASET who have never applied or accepted to WASET membership.
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    - They are just nominated by themseleves. Is it ethical to nominate people without their knowledge.


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