Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is Dr. Serkan ANILIR a cosmologist?

Dr. ANILIR claims he is a cosmologist (宇宙物理学者, cosomological physicist) and has studied "11-dimensional theory" of universe. He gives a brief explanation of his theory in his popular book "ポケットの中の宇宙" (the space in your pocket). He also tells the reader of his struggle for such an achievement. He claims he was awarded a prize for his work on the 11-dimensional theory.

In the CV which was on his web page at the University of Tokyo as of September 8th, 2009, he lists the following paper (later the entry was deleted from his web page):

ANILIR S., “ A Proposal to understand the 11th Dimensional membrane universes and their architectural forms in space environment”, Physical Review Letters, Cambridge University Press, 2003/09, p. 39-50.

However, anyone with research experience in physics would immediately question the above entry.
  • Physical Review Letters is published by American Physical Society, and not by Cambridge University Press.
  • Physical Review Letters only publishes Letters, and the length of each article is restricted to 4 pages or less.
  • Physical Review Letters discontinued using traditional page numbers, and articles are identified by a six-digit article number since 2001.
There cannot be a paper published as "p. 39-50" in Physical Review Letters, which is one of the best known and most prestigious journals in field of physics.

In the annual report of JAXA for year 2003 (when Dr. Anilir belonged to JAXA), a similar but different entry is found:
S.Anilir: Designing in Parallel Universes and 11th Dimension: Physical Review Letter, January 2004 Edition, p.22, (2003).
However, there is no paper published with Dr. Anilir as an author, in any Physical Review journals. (This can be verified at Physical Review Online Archive.) Furthermore, no publication in physics of Dr. Anilir can be found at Web of Science (subscription required), arXiv e-print archive, and SPIRES high-energy physics literature database. These databases cover most of publications in current physics research.


  1. Hello and greetings from Turkey,

    Thank you for your blog. I hope I can contribute to your efforts. Here is my translation of the Turkish wikipedia article about Dr. Anilir.

    As it was too long to fit in a comment box, I used scribdcom:

    http : / / tinyurl com / serkananilirbio

    (please delete the spaces and add a dot where necessary in the address above)

    I sincerely wish the truth prevails.


  2. Dear Armagan,

    Thank you very much for your comment and for your contribution!

    Actually we also noticed recently the discrepancy among Japanese/
    Turkish/English versions of Wikipedia entry on him.
    However, as we could read Turkish version only through machine
    translation, your contribution is very helpful.

    I will read your document and comment later.

    Thanks again and Regards.

  3. Dear Armagan,

    Thanks again for your comment.

    I wrote this to your other comment (you posted the comment in two places, just in case you didn't notice): can you send me an email?
    (Clicking my name should work)
    Of course I would not press you if you don't like to do so for any reason.


  4. it doesnt exist in annual report of Jaxa 2003 so what is wrong?

  5. Does Anilir have one single genuine (at least fairly genuine) paper-review published?

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