Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A glorious career: now under serious doubt

Dr. Serkan ANILIR is a Ph. D. in Engineering, and now an Assistant Professor at Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. He is widely known as a multi-talented genius among Japanese and Turkish people; it is supposed that he is a former member of Turkish national ski team, a cosmological physicist, the first Turkish NASA astronaut candidate, an engineering scientist on space architecture, among others. He has published 3 popular books in Japanese, and is giving lectures frequently for general public.
However, recently, serious doubt has been raised on many important aspects of his proclaimed career and achievements. In several postings, we will discuss these issues.

If you are a newcomer to this blog and would like to learn quickly about the problem, please check the "Suggested Important Readings" on the right panel.


  1. Hello and greetings from Turkey,

    Thank you for your blog. I hope I can contribute to your efforts. Here is my translation of the Turkish wikipedia article about Dr. Anilir.

    As it was too long to fit in a comment box, I used

    I sincerely wish the truth prevails.


  2. Dear Armagan,

    Thank you for your comment. (I also replied to the other comment of yours). Could you e-mail me? Clicking my name should work (please let me know if it doesn't.)


  3. Hello from Turkey,
    I am a Phd student from turkey. I have searched all of the papers and published document about serkan anilir but i could find nothing. I have contact with him and he said me that this blog will be deleted because it is full of lies and fakes. please inform us about which is fake serkan or nakres?

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  4. Hello alpay,

    Thanks for your comment.

    We are just trying to present information we could find from verifiable sources. You can check most of the statements in this blog by yourself, by checking the source (such as NASA web site). If you find anything incorrect or unfounded on this blog, please let us know the concrete problem so that we can correct the mistake.

    A blanket statement like "xxx is full of lies and fakes" is not very useful, don't you think so? I believe that you, as a Ph.D. student, will understand what I mean.

    For Serkan's credit, there are at least a few academic publications published by him. (Depending on the database, maybe you don't find them.) However, we do not find any paper of him on cosmological physics, in several databases which cover most of current physics research.

  5. he has contacted me that he will proof he is true, he wanted me some more days. in two or three days if he can not send me the documents that true himself i will translate your claims in Turkish and press in my blog web site. serkan said me that he has contact with jaxa and nasa and these instutions approve himself. they hired some lawyers and this web site will be closed in a few days. I don't believe him. I wish this web site will not closed or blocked. Thank you for your concern.

  6. Hi mert,

    He doesn't need a lawyer to close this blog. If he proves all of his claims, then this blog would be no longer necessary.

    Please note that I am NOT making any statement like "Mr. XXXX is a liar". I am only presenting some questions based on verifiable information. For example, I am just pointing out the fact that his name is not on the list of astronauts/astronaut candidates at official NASA website, which you can see by yourself. I would be very glad to correct if that was just my misunderstanding. On the other hand, the fact does not go away even if this blog is closed for whatever reason.

    If there is a conspiracy at NASA and his name was deliberately erased from the list, he might need a lawyer to sue those who were involved in the conspiracy. But I guess bringing a lawyer against this blog wouldn't help him.

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  7. I was a researcher at the Bridge and Structure Laboratory - Civil Engineering Department of Tokyo University when Serkan was a student in Tokyo (1999-2001). I am Turkish and there was a small student/researcher Turkish community in Tokyo at that time. We hang out all the time and, therefore, we knew each other very well. Unfortunately, most of the things told in this blog is true. Serkan is a very-very-very smart person, who lies a lot. He is very talkative, entertaining and sex-colic. As Turkish students/researcher we enjoyed his lies, because he was very entertaining. We never believed/thought/imagined that he will take his lying skills this far. We do know anymore which things he told us are lies, which things are not. We cannot seperate the wheat from the chaff anymore. One day he told us his brother is a pornstar and show us a picture of a man with a naked woman. Several months later, his brother came to Tokyo to visit him. When we saw his brother first time, we asked him about his profession, but he got angry with us and told us things like " Are you guys crazy??? I am not a pornstar???" One day his roommate saw him printing a fake ID of NASA with his picture on it from his home printer. He had some friends in Turkish newspapers he called them to Tokyo and and take them to hangout with some Japanese girls(!!) This is what I heard from his roommate. Couple of weeks later there were news about him in Turkish newspapers regarding how succesful he is. In 2004 (or 2003, I do not remember the exact year), I went back to Tokyo during my vacation to visit my professors and stop by Serkan's apartment and he showed me a printed document with his name on it, and he told me that he wrote that book. I briefly looked at it. It was a NASA report and there were many physical equations on it (I remember somethings about raddius of gyration and etc..). I know that Serkan does not have a physics or mathematics background. He is merely a regular architecture (not architectural engineer, which is some kind of civil engineer in Japan). I told myself at that time, "Jeez, this man put his name one a printed NASA report and is telling people that he wrote a book!!." There are many things to tell about Serkan. Sometimes we -Turkish friends from Tokyo - mention Serkan to each other and make fun of his lies, and we tell each other that one day he is going to be in a biiiig trouble that none of his lies cannot save him from reality. There is no escape. Eventually people will find the truth about him. Well, I will follow this post and may help you at some point. Good Luck!

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  8. I have asked him for his papers and awards. He couldn't send me any paper, and he sent me two awards. one of them is a certificate about

    and the other is "american medal of honor" that taken from "american biographical institute". There is not a cambridge physics instution awards no headquarter of JAXA nor austronot candidate either. Bu if he is in the list bibliographies he should do something. For a PhD. architecture it is normal success, but at the end, he is a big lier.

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  9. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks a lot for your comment.
    Obviously I cannot verify what you wrote, but I tend to believe that.
    Your story sounds quite consistent with what we are seeing now.

    I don't know him personally, but I agree that he must be very talkative and entertaining.
    Maybe he should have chosen a different career path - like a comedian in Japan.


  10. Dear mert,

    Thank you very much for your input. That clarifies a lot.
    Actually we have been wondering what the "American Medal of Honor" means, and whether it's real or not.
    I haven't seen the certificate, but I would not question that he actually got the "American Medal of Honor" from ABI (American Biographical Institute) and has some certificate from IBC (International Biographical Center).

    If you are not familiar with ABI and IBC, maybe you can get some idea reading the following article for example. Unfortunately, it wouldn't matter much in real life, even if you have them.!.html

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  11. Dear Mert,

    You may expect to get in your mailbox more awards and certificates from Dr. Anilir because he orders those titles in bulk-shipment on a wholesale basis in order to get his loyal customer discount at IBC.

    And if you are expecting any papers from him, you will have to wait until he finishes his Origami class. Then you will get your personally autographed copies of beautifully folded paper tigers and birds.

    Joking aside, I have a genuine question to the native Japanese speakers concerning Dr. Anilir's official academic title and position at the University of Tokyo: Is Dr. Anilir a research assistant or an assistant professor (dozent in the European system)?

    I'm asking because I wish to know whether he has a teaching position or a research position. Or is there no difference between these two titles, which may overlap in the Japanese system. I'm not crazy about titles or medals but nevertheless the issue looms large in this context.

    I guess an academician familiar with the Japanese universities may answer this.

    (I'm using Google Translate and at one University of Tokyo page it says he is research assistant and at another it says he is an assistant professor. And in yet another U. of Tokyo web page, I remember seeing that he is entrusted with the English version of his laboratory's website, which tells me the information there is vulnerable to manipulation.)

    Lastly, I'd like to address Dr. Anilir himself because I know in all likelihood he will be reading this.

    Hey, Serkan, why don't you give up already? No more cards up your sleeve. This is not an insult to you but a serious advice. Take it. Stop worrying about re-erecting your house of cards. With your genuine architecture degree you must be able to calculate that your paper house will not stand up to the winds against it any longer, so evacuate it before it collapses on you. Stop walking up and down your apartment thinking of ways to clear your reputation, how to produce authentic looking evidence in your favor in Photoshop or replacing the authorship of articles with your name. That was all in the past. You had your fun in your day and the party is over. You are a smart enough guy to have figured it's too late now that wheels have started rolling. Sit back and think will happen if you stick around for another two or three monthts. (And no! You can't escape into the orbit riding your elevator. Forget about that option.) Here is the most realistic deal for you: Pack up your luggage, buy a plane ticket, silently disappear into a remote corner in the Amazon forest and build yourself an infra-free house. You can be sure nobody will miss you.

  12. Hi Nakres,

    Yes, I cannot prove what I wrote up there, because these cannot be documented.

    In fact, I do not have an intention to prove them, because I am really busy right now. I know that people will realize eventually the truth as they believed in the lies.

    There are many things to tell about him. One thing I have to mention is that he is sex-colic. I do not know the number of Japanese woman he had sex with, but I remember this: One Sunday night couple of Turkish students gathered in our dormitory's kitchen. Serkan seemed to be very tired, and he told us that he had sex everynight with a different Japanese woman that week. He told that this was getting boring, and he started to feel disgusted. He also told us that he was asking himself if he should be a gay to explore other sexual experiences.

    At some point his stories were stories of a "bull-shit artist" (this was a term told us by an American friend, who met Serkan), and they were fun to listen. But many of us critized him having sex with many Japanese woman. I heard from other friends that he told many lies to woman to have sex with them. Such as he loved them and etc... Many heartbroken woman....

    I believe he also did similar things to many Turkish and German woman.

    When it comes to comedy, yes, he can definitely be comedian. In fact if you watch one of his seminars in youtube, you will find out that he is very entertaining and use expressions/attitudes similar to famous Turkish stand-up comedian Cem Yilmaz:

    When it comes to technical papers, yes, he can send/show some technical papers to people. I bet he downloaded them from internet and put his name on it. You have to search major databases such as Science Citation Index to find real papers, and their actual authors.

    I am really sad for him. Really, really sad. As a Turkish person, I am ashamed of him. I am very sorry...

    Well, again, people who know him very well, particularly Turkish students that were in Japan in the period of 1999-2003, know his real personality, backgorund and his lies very well. I think, We are all waiting to see what happens next. As Armagan said, there is nowhere to hide anymore. The truth is ignited.

    Thanks Nakres.

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  13. I commend you for seeking the truth Nakres. The inconsistencies in Mr. Anilir's "career" are very suspicious. If he is a plagiarist and deceitful in his "work", then it is a offensive to the international scientific community and should not be tolerated.

  14. All of this should be very easy to verify in the following manner:

    -Contact NASA directly and ask for a written statement regarding Mr. Anilir's affiliation with NASA

    -Contact the authors whom he is suspected of plagiarizing from (figures, etc.) and ask them if they are aware of his work and what he is doing with their material

    -Contact the Japan Times and tell them a University of Tokyo Associate Professor is suspected of plagiarizing several sources and fabricating aspects of his work. Ask them if a reporter and professional fact-checker could look in to it.

    -Contact the Dean of the University of Tokyo and tell them the same thing as the Japan Times. Tell the Dean that the Japan Times has also been contacted and it will look very badly for the University of Tokyo if the Japan Times confirms that he is a fake, so the University of Tokyo should look into the matter as well and take appropriate action

    The truth will come out faster when more people are involved and asking questions...especially large scale media and the organizations that he claims to be affiliated with...good luck with your efforts.

  15. Dear Armagan,

    Thanks for your comments.
    Short answer to your question is that his position is anywhere between Assistant Professor in the US system and Dozent. It should involve some teaching duty but the actual status really depends on each Department or even group. I think in English he can legitimately identify himself as an Assistant Professor, although we find that he frequently uses the title of Associate Professor (which he is NOT.)

    I will post more details later.

  16. Dear Anonymous people,

    Thank you for your comments.

    The University has been notified by several people. Hopefully it has started some action, but we do not know. We are waiting to hear. I think we can leave the job of asking NASA for an official statement to the University.

    We are soon going to notify the victims (original authors) of the suspected plagiarism. We thought that it was impossible to explain the entire problem in a single letter to the authors, so we have been trying to summarize what is going on. Of course, each case of plagiarism should be important by itself, but we believe that they would be better prepared by knowing the scale of the problem.

    I think anybody has the right to let others know what one can see from publicly available information. However, I ask everybody to be considerate in doing so. (e.g. please do not bombard anybody by unnecessary flood of emails.)

  17. Hello Nakres and other friends,
    I have started to prepear a Turkish blog site about Serkan. I wish you give permission me to use the information in this blog site :) At his last visit Serkan told me he will take place at Turkish Ministry of Public Works (Bayındırlık ve İskan Müdürlüğü) and will start a new project about Third Bridge at Bosphorus-İstanbul. I think it is also a lie, but if it is true, i want to awaken authorities. For that case please inform us which department and position is he working at Tokyo university as soon as possible. Also inform us all about the provable information. Lastly, I have some friends at Turkish Defence Industry and they have started to search for his posters, documentations etc. if true or fake.
    Best Regards


  18. şimdi bir şey dikkatimi çekti:

    spacean 2003 sempozyumunda sunum yaptığını söylemiş. bu sunum başlığını google'da aratınca sadece kendi verdiği, japon kaynaklı web siteleri çıkıyor. spacean 2003 konferans programında ise bu başlıkta bir konuşma yok:"

  19. Dear Mert,

    Of course feel free to use any information found in this blog.
    Actually the information here is a result of investigation by unknown number of anonymous volunteers at a Japanese internet forum.
    We just want to discover the truth.

    On the other hand, since we cannot read Turkish, we cannot be
    responsible for the Turkish translation. Please examine critically
    what we wrote, and publish in Turkish what you think is true.


    My friend's reply is in Turkish, he said that there is not any knowledge about Serkan has joined or published any thing at spacean 2003 Conferance. Turkish Military Service is a very serious institution, and I believe they will not show mercy to Serkan. There is a proverb in turkish "The dog that is willing to die, piss to mosque wall" he has pissed on mosque wall i think

  21. Dear Anonymous and Mert, thanks for your input.

    Was the SPACEAN conference held in other years, for example 2002?

    Also I forgot to comment on the other point in Mert's comment.
    Dr. Anilir has been invited to several governmental committee and
    academic organizations in Japan as he is famous for being "astronaut"
    "cosmological physicist" etc.

    So I wouldn't be surprised if he is involved in Turkish national

  22. dear all,

    i am turkish and i have been interested in anilir for some time. i have independently reached some of the information that has been published here. of course this blog is much more through and precise. for the people who are aiming to prepare a turkish explanation, may also use my scribbles in ( of turkey)

    to add what has been already told, the awards can be bought, plain and simple, it is explained here:

    third and most importantly, for turkish people, i think his contacts in turkey and the conference made in his name should be investigated and pointed out. i think we (as the turkish speakers) should start some kind of a press release summarising his exploits.

    finally i don't know if you noticed but i found this from a japanese web site:

    a strange turkish magazine, he says, ''now i am the president of space physics department in jaxa'' (as in his talks) and of course there is no space physics department in jaxa only ''department of space plasma physics''

    if you have already mentioned this in the blog i am sorry to reiterate.

  23. I want to upload serkan's "awards"!!! that was taken from Cambridge university and American Government on this blog site, how can I do that

  24. ferayebend ekşi sözlük accountum yok, allah rızası için aşşağıda vereceğim linkteki alıntıyı ekşiye taşırmısın, çok daha fazla okunan bir yer. serkanın çakma ödüllerini görmüş biri olarak
    bu arada spartakus benim :)

  25. you can find the translation of his resume turkish to english from wikipedia

  26. Contacting the University of Tokyo may not be enough...Japanese administration officials often fear any form of embarassment, and if Mr. Anilir did deceive the University officials for many years it will be very embarassing for the University of Tokyo. Therefore they may not be interested in uncovering the truth, in order to protect themselves.

    I highly recommend getting the Japan Times involved. If he is an Associate or even Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo (the most prestigious University in Japan), then the Japan Times will likely be interested in searching for the truth because Mr. Anilir's actions have affected the University and Japan as a whole.

  27. You can contact the Japan Times online here:

    Or directly here:

    5-4, Shibaura 4-chome
    Minato-ku, Tokyo
    108-8071, Japan
    Tel: (03) 3453-5312

    A letter or phone call should result in an appropriate response by the Japan Times.

  28. dear mert,

    privesozluk links do not direct to your entry, but the whole topic. i couldn't do it like in sourtimes, if you know a way to directly link your entry please tell me.

    secondly if you want to upload the files, use rapidshare, if they are images even better put them in imageshack.

    you (assuming you are the same mert) said that you started a blog, but how can we reach it? some of the turkish issues and texts in turkish language can be discussed/prepared there.

    take it easy

  29. Dear Ferayebend, my name is Mert Akel and my mail adress is I do not afraid of anything or anyone. I am also a scientist and a businessman but not as important as anilir, dr serkan anilir :) if you search at gogole you can find some information about me. we can discuss either here but after we prepear a blog site, we will post a link here, as a sister blog. For privatesozluk issue, it is not important to give a link, you can copy and paste my entry as yours if it is not problem for you.

  30. Hi folks,

    I attended a presentation of Dr. Serkan Anilir at Istanbul Technical University on April 2007, while I was a master student in that school. As far as I remembered, the first presentation was held at Faculty of Mines and the second one was held at Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics. There were too many titles of him (team leader, head of xx, dr, professor) written on the first page of his presentation. The only thing that I clearly remembered is that he used the 'Associate Professor' to describe his position in Tokyo University. He already used Associate Professor title on 2007.

    I dunno whether all these claims about his career is true. But if so, ...

  31. To everyone in the blog audience...

    Here is a safety tool to share your email publicly that helps you avoid spam crawlers:

    Also, while we're at it, here is another utility to help you share very long web addresses:

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  32. Damn!!! This guy is good!!! And funny... :))))


    I have prepeared a Turkish Web site, Turkish friends please share it and upload eksisozluk, privatesozluk and other blog sites.

    Thank you

  34. Thanks to Turkish people, for your efforts.
    I have made a link to


    In the video he says that he was a visitor scientist at Princeton University at Physic Department and he coworked with Mathematic department on 11th dimension. He won Cambridge Physic Award with this stud.

    When we check about visitor scientists, conferance list archives or posters, we couldn't find his name.*/

    Perhaps he published his study from mathematic department but again nothing can be found*/

  36. Dear mert,

    Thanks for the information.

    It is in principle possible that there were some "visitor scientists"
    who have never listed in web pages.

    However, in science, if you have not published a paper,
    you are nobody. It is virtually impossible to collaborate with
    people at Princeton or Cambridge, let alone to be awarded
    a (meaningful) prize, if you do not have any publication
    (in the way it is recognizable to fellow scientists.)

  37. Dear All,

    I lived in Japan at the time Serkan was at the university of Tokyo. As a fellow turkish colleague wrote in a previous post, Serkan was a very funny person. Particularly, I had a good time listening to his jokes and pranks.

    However, I am very sad after reading the information posted in this blog. For anyone who researches on physics/engineering, it is crystal clear from the very start that Serkan has cheated on the staff at the university of Tokyo, newspapers, publishing companies, conference organizers and has built the greatest hoax in the history of Japanese Academia.

    Serkan, give up everything in Japan, go back to Turkey and write a book on how you tricked everyone into accepting you as a great scientist/physicist/space architect/etc. .. You will get rich and keep on the spotlight. Maybe you will even be invited to write a Hollywood movie plot based on your life ... who knows ... One more tip of advice, never, ever change your pimp look ... It adds some spice to the story ...

    Nakres, congrats on your work and do not forget about contactign newspapers. I bet major newspapers in Japan and even in Europe and the US will be very interested in the story.



  38. I have read the post stating that he had the permenant position of Assistant Profesorship.

    I think I have some information that may be helpful to you.

    In Japan, most of the gradute studies are conducted in so-called Lboratories. In general, each laboratory has one Professor, one or two Associate Professors and several Assistant Professors. Normally, the Professor is the leader of the lab and responsible for all of the studies.

    This info is from a person who got his Ph.D. from Architectural Department of The Univeristy of Tokyo around the same time Serkan got his PhD.

    The Professor of Serkan's lab normally never liked him and was aware of his personality, lies etc. He would never give a degree to him. Even he extended his Ph.D. one year. But Serkan got really lucky: that Professor -either passed away or retired-. The new Professor was an easier person and was not aware of Serkan's lies. Serkan cheated this new Professor as well and was able to get his Ph.D.. He also got a position in that lab with this new Professor.

    This may be something you can further investigate.

    We all know that Japanese People respect to To-Dai (Tokyo University) students. I believe Serkan used this side of Japanese people a lot. That is how he got all other positions.

  39. Dear Anonymous (posted October 30),

    Thank you for your comment.
    Yes, he looks like a funny guy. I really wish he were a comedian or something, not an Assistant Professor.

    As for the newspapers, I agree that eventually this must be (or will be) reported by newspapers. However, so far I have not tried to contact newspapers for various reasons (although some other people apparently did). Still, propagation of the information on the internet is now having a real effect... This incident is also an interesting case in this aspect.

  40. Dear Anonymous (posted November 1),

    Thank you very much for your input.

    Professor Isao Sakamoto was the leader of the lab before Professor Shuichi Matsumura. According to the database (sorry, in Japanese)
    Prof. Sakamoto was born in June 1943, so he should have retired from the University of Tokyo in March 2004 (when the retirement age at the University of Tokyo was still 60, in my understanding.)

    Perhaps Prof. Sakamoto was still a Professor of the lab when Dr. Anilir obtained his Ph. D. in 2003 (assuming that Prof. Sakamoto did not leave earlier than the compulsory retirement age.) However, it is natural to expect that Prof. Matsumura had more say when Prof. Sakamoto was close to his retirement. In any case, it seems that, when Dr. Anilir obtained his Ph. D., his advisor was Prof. Matsumura, not Prof. Sakamoto.

    The list of people who obtained academic degrees at the lab is found at: (in Japanese)
    One thing I don't understand is that, apparently Prof. Sakamoto is listed as the chief examiner of a few Ph. D. theses until academic year 2006. (when he should have already retired.)

  41. Yeah, Anilr are you watching?

  42. Dear Nakres,

    Thanks for your answer. I just would like to add that there is a point of all this mess that has not received the attention it deserves. It concerns the University of Tokyo itself. Taking a quick look at Serkan's publications on google scholar, one sees that they are mostly conference papers in obscure venues or non-refereed ones. These publications do not have a single citation!!!.

    Even ignoring his academic misconducts, How can the University of Tokyo give a PhD and even hire someone with such a mediocre CV?? Is it really a top university? Something is wrong with Academia in Japan (at least in the field of Architecture). Are the PhD's awarded at Architecture Departments in Japan serious business at all?

    Can one obtain a copy of Serkan thesis? Are PhD thesis publicly available in Japan?

    I am starting to understand why external members are not allowed in PhD defense committees at Toudai ....



  43. Dear A.,

    Thanks for your comment.

    According to the official rule of the University of Tokyo, (in Japanese)
    external members CAN be added to a Ph.D. defense committee. Actually, I vaguely remember someone serving as an external member but cannot confirm immediately (in science, not architecture). On the other hand, an external member is not required for a Ph.D. committee unlike in many western Universities.

    Yes Ph.D. thesis is publicly available in Japan (within copyright law restriction) either through the University of Tokyo library or the National Diet (Congress) Library. We are trying to obtain a copy of his thesis although have not completed yet.

    Concerning the lack of significant academic publications and citations, yes it is a problem but I think he managed to exploit a gap between two worlds. For example, famous architect Tadao Ando is a Professor Emeritus at Department of Architecture, the University of Tokyo. Perhaps Prof. Ando has not published many academic papers. (Google scholar does show some and there are some citations, but they are not so great.) In fact he has not even graduated a University. Nevertheless many people applauded his appointment as a Professor, because he is a great architect who produced many well-known buildings. (Although you might criticize the appointment of Prof. Ando, too.)

    In the case of Dr. Anilir, he has only published obscure papers at best (and often based on plagiarism.) On the other hand, to our best knowledge, he has never completed any real building. So his accomplishment is not significant in either scholarly publication or in actual works as an architect. However, somehow he managed to make himself appear as a great scientist AND a great architect. I suspect that plagiarism played an important role in the process.

    Anyway, this is not to defend the University of Tokyo, whose responsibility is quite clear. I just wanted to say that in the field of architecture, papers and citations may not be everything. (I am NOT in architecture but I understand that it can be different from science.) But they should have asked at least if any of his "great ideas" has materialized into a real building or structure.

  44. Hi Nakres,

    It seems like there's something interesting going on at the Japanese blog where they are dissecting Serkan's Ph.D. thesis (written in English). It appears that entire figures and texts (by pages!) are plagiarized from different sources. Since the thesis is written in English, the international readers of this blog may be able to help examine the content?


  45. JJ,

    Is the thesis available on-line?
    Di you have a link to it?

  46. Parts of the thesis are available from

  47. Hi guys,

    It is fun to read your comments. I also got my graduate degree from University of Tokyo and saw Serkan Anilir couple of times. I agree most of the comments about SA. I think Prof. Sakamoto was his supervisor in his PhD. As far as I know, he submitted his thesis couple of times until got accepted. I generally agree the most, but wanna include some comments
    First of all, even it is possible to include external members be added to a Ph.D. defense committee, it is very rare in Japan (not necessarily in Tokyo Univ.). About questioning the quality of research PhD degrees given by Department of Architecture; I can easily say that it is way much better than any school in US. Department of Architecture is generally very selective for the degrees given (compared to other schools in Todai and schools in Japan). I knew it since it took 5.5 years. I hardly remember someone got degree within 5 years. Serkan is just a special case that someone could go this far. I believe authorities in Todai will handle this properly. You guys shouldn’t be worry about it.

    All the best...

  48. Dear JJ,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, Dr. Anilir's thesis is now under examination. I do plan to post some report on this blog. However, the progress is so rapid right now and I don't think I can synchronize the update with Japanese blog. (We are collaborating on this and other issues about Dr. Anilir, although I haven't done much about the Ph. D. thesis.) I would appreciate your patience.

    When the progress in Japanese side becomes slower, we might ask your help. Thanks! Meanwhile, if you notice something about the thesis by looking at the Japanese blog, we would appreciate your input. You could send an e-mail to me (click my profile), or leave a comment on this blog.

    It seems that the thesis consists mostly of simple "copying" from articles by other authors.... he did not even attempt to paraphrase, in many places.

  49. Dear Anonymous (posted November 6, 4:55AM),

    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes I hope that the quality of Ph. D. theses at the University of Tokyo is high, in international standard. I know there are many smart Ph. D. students there, who are also working really hard. However, the single incident of Dr. Anilir may be so serious that it can cast a doubt on the overall quality. Because the University of Tokyo is certainly one of the top Universities in Japan, it would affect reputation of all the Universities in Japan.

    It seems that some official investigation is under way at the University of Tokyo, and I sincerely hope that appropriate actions will be taken.

  50. Hi all,

    I would like to make a comment to the post questioning the quality of the research/education in Tokyo University. FYI, I did two years of research in Japan with Todai, and got my Ph.D. from a good university in US. I had many opportunities to compare the research in Todai and many other high-end universities in US. I can comfortably say that Todai is at a level that is higher than many high-end universities in US. It is not about publishing papers. It is about the influence. At least this has been like that in my field, civil engineering.


  51. Someoen wrote: "It is not about publishing papers. It is about the influence." Such comments are not helpful because, for historical reasons, Todai and its graduates have always had enormous influence in Japan. Such influence is not directly related to the quality of what is done but more to the Todai name. Ironically, Dr. Anilir's case proves yet again that one can do very well with the Todai name, even without producing much that is actually good for anything. Do we know how many Serkan-types (Japanese or non-Japanese) exist within Todai (or have been produced by Todai) but simply haven't been caught in their mischief. I have just been reading Serkan's thesis, which is a joke at best, and I am astonished to then come here and read how Todai PhDs are at higher level than the rest of the world. How many Serkan-type theses could there be within the libraries of Todai? How many Todai professors have faked their way in, with questionable awards and non-existent papers and patents?

  52. You are talking incidents that are typical to any other university in the world. Where are you? Come to US. I will introduce you hundreds of people with Ph.D.s... Useless ones.

  53. Typical? Todai is not a *typical* or just *any* university. Please reflect on the position of Todai in Japan. It would hard to imagine (that in the 21st century) you could get a con of Serkan's magnitude get away with it at Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, etc. --- i.e. get a good job, making a good living, etc. on the basis of a few rubbish papers, internet-bought awards, non-existent patents ...

  54. Dear All,

    Thank you very much for your comments.

    I do know several great Professors at the University of Tokyo, who really made significant contributions. There are also many bright students who are doing hard work. At least these people at the University of Tokyo are of high quality in any international standard. On the other hand, that of course does not mean everyone at the University of Tokyo is great, and indeed we are now finding there is at least one extremely bad example.

    Even if the average quality of faculties/students of the University of Tokyo is high, the lower bound can be important. Ph.D. is a kind of license in academia; if there is just one fake Ph. D., the credibility of the degree from the University can be questioned seriously. And if the fake guy can even obtain a faculty position? This is really a serious issue for the University of Tokyo.

    On the other hand, the problem with the lower bound does not necessarily contradict the statement that the average quality is high. (Not that I am claiming it is the case, but as a possibiity). The quality of Ph. D. theses could also strongly depend on each Department. When you post a comment, please describe the reasoning as much as possible.

    I would like to ask everyone be calm, objective, and fair.

    Ph.D. and the faculty position at the University of Tokyo were probably essential for Dr. Anilir. However, those are not the entire picture. There are many Assistant Professors at the University of Tokyo (and even more Ph.D.'s from Todai) but few had as much influence as Dr. Anilir. Dr. Anilir managed to amplify his fabrications and plagiarisms to extreme. For example, his main selling point in many occasions was "NASA Astronaut Candidate" rather than "Todai Assistant Professor". The latter is a respectable job, but it would not make you a superstar. We are also discovering that the entire issue was not just his personal hoax; there was a systematic marketing of Dr. Anilir, by some professional business people.

    However, if he did not have the faculty position, few people would have believed in his claim of being an Astronaut Candidate. So the responsibiity of the University of Tokyo is quite big, also concerning the marketing aspect.

  55. I too, have studied at Todai Kougakubu so it really makes me furious to see Serkan's blatant insult to academic integrity of the great university. I don't think there's any other option for Todai than to deprive him of Ph.D. that was obtained by plagiarism, but if Todai doesn't go as far, it is equal to admitting that Todai Ph.D. is as good as a piece of toilet paper. That would be deplorable for all the Todai alumni around the world.

    I e-mailed the Dean of Engineering to request an ivestigation on Serkan's thesis. If you have spent time at Todai, I urge you to do the same, because inaction by the university will reflect on our careers as well.

    Nakres, I think the thesis issue is a very important one which should be exposed to the international audience. I hope you can at least make an entry to summarize what are being discovered.


  56. Dear JJ,

    I agree with you completely. Thank you very much for your efforts.
    I will try to post some entry on Ph. D. thesis as soon as possible.

    I am sorry I am now busy, preparing for a conference -- unlike in the case of "Dr." Anilir, it is not easy as copying and pasting :)

    Meanwhile, it seems that the avalanche has been finally started (I will make an entry for this). I am afraid that some problems might be overlooked if the situation moves too quickly. On the other hand, the issue of his Ph. D. would not go away until the degree is deprived, even if "Dr." Anilir loses his faculty position. Let us pursue the problem as long as it remains.

  57. Nakres,

    Thanks for your efforts and good luck at your conference. In my opinion, the plagiarized Ph.D. thesis is the worst of Serkan's fraudulent acts because it is an act against all present and past students who worked hard to graduate from this prestigious university. He basically spitted on everyone who rightfully earned their degrees.


  58. As a person who knows Serkan very well and a person who has a degree from Todai, I can easily tell that many of the people, who post here, do not know Serkan very well.

    Serkan is a very clever person. He is not genius but he is very clever. I am guessing that he did many tricks to convince his supervisors that he is doing some original progress. He has many ways to do that. It may be very difficult to catch it. Anyody in the research world knows that you can do this if you have really bad intentions, like Serkan.

    I can also get the feeling that people who do not like Todai -because they were not successful enough to get in there- are taking this opportunity to attack the university in everyway. This is not honest and fair. Do not forget that Serkan is a foreigner, who did not pass through the tough process that all Todai Japanese students have passed. Nakres you know this better than me.

    Let me put in another way: According to the posts, he is in Japan since 1999. Till that time, his Turkish friends, who tell that they know his lies from the beginning, took no action.

    A google search brings many Turkish news about Serkan. Not a single person took any action.

    Apparently, he became famous in Turkey. Nobody in Turkey took any action. How about the universities in Turkey?? He made lots of presentations in many universities? None of the academcian took any action? Don't they have any responsibility????

    He became famous in Japan; nobody took any action. Nobody!!!! Damn it! 140 million population!!!

    10 years later, a mysterious Japanese called Nakres creates a blog out of nowhere and becomes the good Samaritan that saves the science world. Are you kidding me?

    Tell us Nakres!!!! What did Serkan do to you that made you create this blog? I bet he made you really angry, otherwise you also would not do anything am I right???

    Human beings, whether Japanese or American or Turkish or European, they love to create gods and heros. Serkan was a hero till he stepped on somebody's foot and hurt him/her really bad (in this case Nakres or the other Japanes blog writer if these two people are not same). We all need a hero!

    Then everybody attacked on him like hungry wolfs: Some of us started to attack the university, some of them attacked Serkan. Every body is pouring their hatred to feel better about themselves so that we do our share. Is that right? Lets save the research world and feel really good about it. Now that you post your hatred on this post, you are a good scientist, and you can be proud of it, tell to you friends about how you fight for the right even if you technical paper you published after many years of hardwork does not get a single citation other than your other paper and doomed to be lost in the history..

    In fact, we all have problems and issues and this is how we masturbate to feel better about ourselves. We are good people and Serkan is bad. The problem is solved.


  59. Dear Anonymous (November 10, 2009, 7:56PM)

    I think your reasoning is a bit convoluted. 140 million people are not responsible for Serkan doctoral thesis being accepted at Toudai. All the bloggers here with us are not responsible for his being hired as a professor at the University of Tokyo. Clearly, the university and, more specifically, the respective examination committees in charge, are to blame. Please, bro, direct your anger towards them ; )

    Moreover, Serkan being a foreigner is not an issue here. His past actions and the behavior of the university related to these actions are the right issue. No one, foreigner or japanese, should be able to do what Serkan did.

    By the way, I have no hatred of Serkan or Toudai. Actually, I find all this mess somehow amusing. I am sure Serkan, being clever as you say, will find a way to profit from all this situation :)



  60. Dear Anonymous (posted November 10, 2009 7:56 PM),

    Thanks for your comment.
    However, apparently you are quite confused, as A. suggested.

    I have to say that although Dr. Anilir was apparently fairly well-known, it was not like that everyone in Japan knew about him. As an indication, so far I have not found any evidence that he appeared in Japanese TV, which is perhaps still the mass media with the strongest influence in Japan. Target of his marketing was also largely non-scientists. As far as I can see, he never attempted to sell his "11-dimensional theory of universe" to real physicists.

    So, many scientists, including myself, were simply not aware of him until very recently. (In my case, this September.) I did not have any personal or business relation to Dr. Anilir before that. There was no way he could hurt me personally, because there was no contact. I find it funny that some people tend to reduce any problem to personal resentment, for whatever reason. He hurt me by violating scholarly ethics at very fundamental level and shaking the credibility of Japanese Universities-- if that is what you mean, yes he did.

    Actually, what I am reporting in this blog is mostly NOT what I found by myself. I am writing about results of collective investigation by unknown number of people, many of whom are probably scientists/engineers. They also became aware of the problem recently, thanks to the internet. I will post a separate entry later, to explain the background of this blog.

    1. You produce a great point in your own final paragraph. We couldn’t agree more together with your points. In today’s modern world, your approach to this issue is lacking in today’s kids. We need to ensure that our kids find out more on this topic so we nev

  61. Hi guys,

    When I saw this blog first time, I chatted with a Turkish student of Serkan. Based on what he said, all of the things in this blog is result of a problem between Serkan and a Japanese guy outside from the Tokyo University, most probably in the industry. But he did not say anything in detail. He said something about Japanese culture such that being a good team player is very important in Japan. You are nothing without your team. He added that Serkan got too many public attention and excelled from other Japanese guys in the university due to his successes in many different areas. Therefore, someone who has a private affair with Serkan pushed the button to start all of these things. No matter true or not, these are the things that he said.

    I personally believe that Serkan is someone who has a phd, but nothing much.


    a phd student(slave) in aerospace eng.

  62. Nikkei covered this issue in depth and UT has already assigned an investigation committee.

    Nikkei, as one of the japanese well-versed and highly reputable newspapers, is rather straight and explicit about the nature of this incident.

    They do not reveal the name yet but gave the first Turkish astroguy...

  63. As a Turkish Citizen, I apologize from Japanese people. One of the post talks about the embaressment of Tokyo University of something like that. I don't think there is anything that they should be embarass about. The person who should be ashamed of himself is Mr. Serkan.

    This is a mess. The only way that this can be cleaned properly is

    Serkan comes to stage and apologize for what he did from everybody that he hurt one by one. He explains the details of his theft, lies etc. and get off the stage to never come back.

    Best to all,

  64. > I personally believe that Serkan is someone who
    > has a phd, but nothing much.

    Actually, his Ph.D. thesis is appearing to be a huge fraud as well. Dozens of figures were copied from other sources without credit, and entire pages of text were literally copied from articles on the Internet. I don't see how any university, let alone the most prestigious one in Japan, can do without retroactively denying his Ph.D. and expel him from the university.

  65. As a Japanese guy who got his PhD from Todai (in CS), I'm simply taken aback by the whole debacle. I know Dr. (his degree is still valid, right?) Serkan - I attended one of his talks. Now that he's exposed as a fraud it's embarrassing for me to admit, but I, and probably many others in the audience, was mesmerized by his oratorical skills, his life story, and the long list of purported achievements spanning many disciplines. Sure, there were some signs that there was something dubious about him. The technical details in his talk were fluffy at best (I know a thing or two about engineering), and when I typed his name in Google in English after the talk I (for reasons now obvious) found nothing to support his claimed achievements. But he has this undeniable charm in his character that somehow makes you want to believe him; the guy's got real talent, though unfortunately not the type that warrants him an academic position.

    Of course, I don't mean to absolve from responsibilities the Todai professors who gave him a PhD and made the decision to hire him, and all the people in the various committees that awarded him grants. There should be a thorough investigation on why he hadn't been caught earlier (and before we wasted tons of taxpayer money on this likable quack), and steps should be taken so as to prevent such incidents from happening again.

    Personally, I have the feeling that he managed to get away with so much chiefly because he presented himself as a cross-displinary researcher with a highly unorthodox mix of backgrounds - most academics only know about their own field of study, and I would assume that professors in Todai's architecture department are utterly incapable of assessing Serkan's claimed expertise in physics or mathematics. Needless to say, Serkan's lies were so blatant that even a simple background check on the Internet should have raised alarms, which speaks volumes to the extreme sloppiness of the Todai hiring process. But I believe this is a rare, isolated case not the norm, and even in the (now tainted) Todai architecture dept most professors are competent academics worthy of their positions. What I worry about is that this case might be conveniently used by some people to make it more difficult for foreigners to get jobs at Japanese universities - that would be a tragedy; this country needs more not less talents from abroad, from Turkey and from all over the world.

  66. So called personal resentment is not an issue here. Even if it was, the fact is Serkan deserved to be exposed and he has been exposed. Moreover it is absurd to say that he was not liked because he excelled above the Japanese guys. What did he excell at? Conning people? What were his successes in diferent areas? Plagiarism and lying? To say he got cornered because he was very good at what he did is like saying that Bernie Madoff got cornered because people were jealous of his financial genius.

    Serkan is obviously very talented, but he missed his real occupation. He would have been better as a salesman for high-end used cars or as a writer of fiction.

  67. Dude,

    I am not asserting anything and just reported what his student told me. Maybe even his student does not know what the real situation is. I belive that Tokyo University will eventualy handle this stituation. Let's see and wait.


    >> this country needs more not less talents from abroad, from Turkey and from all over the world

    Why? Evethough Japan is not like USA which exploits smart graduate students from all over the world, it is one of the leading country in many fields of science and technology. Whether it is true or not, one my student doing his phd in Japan said that Japnese guys who do not succeed in Japanese schools prefer going abroad for university education. Most bright Japanese students stay and continue their education in the domestic universities. Perhaps, this is key of the success of Japan

  68. > One of your students told you? Well, then, that must make it a well-known established fact.

    Sorry guys, I've tried to say "one of my friend, a student doing his phd in Japan, ..." . I don't have any student and am a phd student working in a US institution.


  69. One of your friends, a student doing a PhD in Japan told you? Well, then, that must make it a well-known established fact.

  70. any news from the investigations? we are hearing from students that it is highly possible that he will be kindly asked to leave Tokyo University and Japan.

  71. This may help to fellow investigators to see from where Serkan plagiarized his fake papers:

  72. There was just another report from a mainstream media, this time with Serkan's name explicitly mentioned. At this point, I think it's pretty much given that he is going to be fired by the university, although they still haven't made any public comments. What I would also like to wait and see is if they are going to revoke Serkan's Ph.D. thesis. The thesis is being scrutinized online and looks hilarious. It's a patchwork of other people's work interspersed by Serkan's poorly written English paragraphs (not the other way around, there's probably more plagiarized materials than his original writings). Check it out from the link above.

  73. Some thoughts and questions:

    1. It is justified by the author(s) of this and the Japanese blogs that Mr. Anilir plagiarized scientific research by others. Mr(s). Nakres followed a very systematic, objective and scientific approach to prove this fact without leaving any opportunity to doubt.

    2. There is no record of Mr. Anilir's name, his officially referred published paper etc. in any of the major scientific journal databases.

    For those, who are not familiar with research world, here is a background: Engineers, researchers and scientist publish the results of their research in the form of articles in scientific (technical) magazines called journals. These articles are reviewed by other researchers, who are known to have expertise in that specific area in academic world, and, they may accept the paper or reject the paper. Therefore, if a paper is published in a major technical journal, it is also called “referred journal paper.”

    Most of the time, the quality of the paper is measured by the by number of citations done by other researchers to that article.

    For example, the following paper has been cited more than 1000 times and is accepted to be the seminal work for control of chaos:

    Ott E, Grebogi C, Yorke J.A, Controlling chaos. Phys. Rev. Lett. 64, 1990a 1196–1199. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.64.1196.

    In general, all these papers and their citations are recorded in databases, and these databases are used to evaluate the success of a researcher. For example Science Citation Index is the major database for engineers. It has also a database of human sciences.

    Some universities, for example, give points to their faculty members according to the number of papers they published in a major journal, and grant positions such as assistant professorship, associate professorship. While such a grading system cannot guarantee the quality of the research, it is still a performance index and is used frequently in academic world.

    Information I provided here is well-known among the researchers and scientist, but is not obvious to general public, and actual success of scientist can always be abused by creating fake popularity within the society.

    Obviously, one can easily justify the fact that a scientist who is “popular” among the public is not necessarily a successful scientist. The success of a scientist is measured in the academic world, not by the number of TV programs the person shows up, not by the web blogs the person creates, not by the number of interviews the person has, not by the anime movies he is involved with.

    For those who are familiar with Sociology, I used the term of popularity as a sociological term.

    Crudely, popularity comes of acceptance by a majority of the society. For example, Michael Jackson is a popular artist as his music was listened by millions of people all over the world.

    On the other hand, in sociological terms, popularity is not necessarily guarantee to be good. In the case of Michael Jackson, he was well known to be child abuser. Yet, he is still loved by many.


  74. On the other hand, in sociological terms, popularity is not necessarily guarantee to be good. In the case of Michael Jackson, he was well known to be child abuser. Yet, he is still loved by many.

    Another example is the soda drink Coca Cola. Coca Cola is very popular, but it is known to be not healthy and, hence, not good.

    The conclusion here is; Mr. Anilir may be popular among some Japanese and Turkish kids and youngsters, but this does not tell us anything about his academic achievements. And as stated before, he does not have any academic achievements because he did not publish any refereed technical paper in any major technical journal.

    3. Then, the question is how he was able to get away with a degree and a position in prestigious university like Tokyo University, and as one of the posts asks, how he managed to get away without ever exposing his lack of scientific achievements in the past 10 years.

    There are many interesting reasons for this.

    First of all, Mr. Anilir is a very unique character. He is charming, handsome, a very good liar. In a society like Japan, where trust among people is very crucial, honesty and pride are very important social values (at some point they act like norms), bad intentions can make profit very easily. He is very successful in research, but not scientific; he is good at Google-research. He gained the trust of his supervisors and did intense Googling to bring many interesting multi-disciplinary topics together and presented to his supervisor as if they belong to him. As one of the posts mention here, this makes it very hard for his supervisor to verify the ownership of his research. Coupled with the preliminary assumption that Dr. Anilir is honest, he did not think of the other way. When things run on the wheels of trust, a person with very bad intentions such as Mr. Anilir, can easily cheat his supervisor.

    How come nobody noticed him for ten years? Well, I am sure lots of people noticed him already as many of the posts here mentioned here, but nobody took any action. This is a common attitude in science world and has an interesting sociological explanation. In research world, when a researcher sees a faulty work of another researcher, he may take several actions:

    1. He will not give a response, but he will keep in mind that the work done by the other researcher is faulty and he should be very careful with his published papers.
    2. He will kindly warn the other researcher and show that his work is faulty. He will expect the other researcher to take action as part of academic integrity.
    3. He will write a letter to the editor of the journal, where the faulty work is published and prove that that paper is faulty. This letter is generally published in the same journal as a comment to the faulty article.


  75. When it comes to Japan, there is another interesting sociological phenomenon that reinforces the above attitudes. In Japan, people are expected to have honesty and pride. People are responsible for their actions and they are expected to take the necessary actions when they commit a foul-play.

    In the case of Mr. Anilir, who did not produce a faulty work but behaved unethically. It is highly anticipated that many researchers –except his supervisor- was aware of his lack of scientific background and plagiarism perhaps, yet what they expected from him is to show his pride and stop his foul-play by himself without an external interference, which obviously did not happen.

    Therefore, it is legitimate to ask the question how Mr. Anilir was kept unnoticed in a country like Japan (the population 140 million is a metaphor here and used to emphasize the idea that a highly developed country surely has a large number of smart scientist with proportion of its population), but the answer is simple to find for any researcher, who experience the ethics of the research world as explained above.

    4. One post here mentions that Mr. Anilir had a serious argument with another academician that is from “outside of the Tokyo University”.

    There are a couple of thoughts here. It is not always true that all the research done by the researchers of the Tokyo University are the ultimate true research and should be accepted without any doubt. The research produced by Tokyo University should pass the usual screening as explained above like another research done by for example MIT, Caltech, Oxford, Cambridge or any other university in the world. Tokyo University researchers should not use the public popularity of the name of “Tokyo University” to gain scientific achievements, public acceptance, academic and political positions or any other unfair gain by any means. Rather, they should work really hard –and do their best– to deserve the title of To-Dai Alumnus.

    Mr. Anilir was intensively using his affiliation with Tokyo University to gain public popularity. He is not and will not be a true To-Dai alumnus, even the ongoing investigation results to keep his Dr. degree, although it is unlikely.

    The other thought here is, considering a rare incident as Serkan incident, it is not scientific to conclude that all To-dai research is faulty, and all To-dai alumni is faulty. This can be easily proved by “probability and statistics”. Probability and statistics is a branch of mathematics that is used to investigate a set of data and probable outcomes of events. Almost all science branches –from physics to human sciences, from medicine to politics–, and I am sure most of the researchers follow this blog are familiar with basic statistical methods.


  76. I personally got the feeling that while following a very objective, scientific method to expose Mr. Anilir, Mr. Nakres also have a hidden intention of criticizing the social power of the name of To-Dai and ultimately trying to give the idea that the research conducted by To-Dai researchers should be put in the same category of Mr. Anilir collectively. Based on pure mathematical procedures defined by the field of probability and statisctic, it can be readily proved in mathematical terms that criticism and conclusions derived by Mr. Nakres (and fellows with the same intentions) regarding the overall quality of the research done by To-Dai cannot be solely depend upon a rare, isolated incident like Serkan incident. Mr. Nakres should provide more proof to justify his hypothesis regarding the quality of research in To-Dai rather than following a “popular” approach.

    On the other hand, what one can easily and readily prove using purely mathematical, probabilistic and statistical methods is that, unlike Mr. Nakres is trying to justify with his biased feelings, is that The University of Tokyo produces high-quality of research that not only shaped the current modern Japan and will continue shape the future, but also will influence the research in overall Far Asia and the world. This can be easily proved scientifically and mathematically no matter what popular (as defined in the field of sociology) methods and actions are taken to prove the otherwise.

    As Mr. Nakres mentioned, Serkan incident cannot be demote to personal resentment, including the personal resentment that Mr. Nakres is showing himself within this blog, it cannot be demote to making a collective decision on the cumulative research done by To-Dai, and it cannot be demote to a simple decision of invalidating the degrees that Mr. Anilir received.

    Serkan incident is a topic of a serious sociological research to understand the cultural and class dynamics of not only the Japanese society but also any other developed society, within the context of popularity, social values and social norms like any other fraudulent act that involves science.


  77. 5. As Mr. Nakres mentioned many places in this blog, To-Dai should take necessary action to recover from this incident.

    Likewise, JAXA should take the necessary actions to recover from this incident.

    Likewise, the company, who published books of Mr. Anilir, should take the necessary actions to recover from this incident.

    Likewise, various media should take the necessary actions to recover from this incident.

    Likewise, general public, who “believed” in Mr. Anilir in a popular fashion without “knowing” should take the necessary actions to recover from this incident.

    And, as Mr. Nakres pushing the idea that To-dai should take this seriously and review its internal decision mechanism, he should also push the idea that JAXA, the publishing company, the media and Serkan fans should seriously review their internal decision mechanism.

    There are many lessons learned, and as Mr. Nakres said, this incident cannot be demote to a personal resentment and should be taken seriously…

    …by everybody.

    Kind Regards to all...

  78. Dear Anonymous (November 11, 2009 8:34 AM)

    Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your letting us know the student's comment. However, this blog and other related efforts are not a result of any personal resentment. Well, sometimes it is difficult to accept the reality and one can easily escape into the state of denial.

    Also, now it is being found out that his Ph.D. thesis is largely a work of plagiarism.

    Deear Anonymous (November 11, 2009 12:15 PM)

    I posted a new entry about another newspaper article, which now reports the name of Dr. Anilir explicitly.

    Dear Anonymous (November 11, 2009 12:51 PM)

    Yes this seems to be a very unfortunate incident for Turkey and Japan. I think Japanese side, especially the University of Tokyo, is also responsible for giving him the credibility.

  79. Dear JJ (November 11, 2009 2:09 PM)


    Dear Anonymous (November 12, 2009 3:41 AM)

    Thanks for the precious report as a witness.
    I agree with most of your comments.

    Dear Anonymous (November 12, 2009 5:34 PM)

    Thanks, I agree with the personal resentment issue (and I repeat that this blog is not an outcome of any personal resentment. There was simply no contact between him and me.)

    Well, I think car sales is much more based on reality than his works are:)

  80. Dear AA and Anonymous,

    It is also my personal observation that the percentage of brightest students who chose to stay in Japan is larger than in other countries. But maybe it will change, because the current government is apparently going to slash funding for science (especially for young people).

    Dear Anonymous (November 14, 2009 3:26 AM)

    We still do not hear anything from the University of Tokyo officially. However, there have been already two newspaper reports indicating that the investigation is under way at the University of Tokyo.

    A tiny fraction of what he has done should be enough for him to leave Todai. I am now more interested in getting the full picture about how and why all of this could happen.

    Dear Anonymous (November 14, 2009 3:38 AM)

    Thanks for the tip. From now on, maybe Ph.D. examiners should use this kind of tool.

    Dear JJ, thanks -- I made an entry about Asahi Shimbun.
    I agree that the Ph.D. must be revoked. However, it seems that there is no rule for revocation at the University of Tokyo. They must start from amending the official rule of the University.

  81. Dear Anonymous (November 14, 2009 8:44 AM)

    Thank you for your post but some of your comment is completely off the mark.

    What do you mean by "the personal resentment that Mr. Nakres is showing himself within this blog"?? I have made it clear that I had no contact or whatsoever with Dr. Anilir. There was no chance to have any personal resentment. If you mean my writing the blog article is a proof of "personal resentment", what about your lengthy comments??

    I am also afraid that you misread what I have written in my comment section. I did emphasize that the overall (or average) quality of research or Ph. D. thesis at the University of Tokyo can be high, regardless of the present incident. A systematic evaluation of the University is out of scope of this blog. Maybe you can start from the published evaluations
    but detailed discussion should belong to elsewhere.

    Your feeling that "Mr. Nakres also have a hidden intention of criticizing the social power of the name of To-Dai and ultimately trying to give the idea that the research conducted by To-Dai researchers should be put in the same category of Mr. Anilir collectively. " is plain wrong. Actually you cannot be more wrong about this.

    I have not stated this in this blog, but I am also an alumnus of the University of Tokyo, as JJ is. I share the pain of JJ in that the reputation and credibility of our alma mater is under damage. This blog is the result of my love and pride in my alma mater. I really want Todai to be a University which all its alumni and people in Japan can be proud of. In my opinion, to settle the matter with Dr. Anilir is one of the most important and urgent matter for the University to keep its prominence. And I believe that ignoring and burying cannot be a solution. So I decided to start this blog. I am really sad about the entire issue as a scientist, and also as a Todai alumnus.

    I welcome your opinion on this matter, but absolutely no more unfounded and false remarks on my intention, please.

  82. I know Serkan from his first year in Tokyo (1999-2000), and I can approve what Anonymous (I probably know him personally as I also used to hang out with the group of Turkish students from time to time) wrote. Serkan was the type of student who NEVER studied but only had girls and parties in his head. In times where he had to hand a paper or homework or similar, he was the kind of guy who prepared it the night before the deadline in order to be able to hand something.
    Again, as Anonymous said, after a point you couldn't tell which of the things he told were true and which were false. I for myself decided not to take him serious anymore, and I was very surprised to realize that someone actually made the effort to investigate about this huge machinery of lies he has built up around him.
    I think that Serkan has a very severe psychological disorder and that he truly believes his own lies, something like a deranged perception of reality.
    It's very sad that this will immensely influence the reputation of Turkish people in Japan (once again in a negative way), as the Japanese on their hand are always very kind, open and interested, almoust in a naive way. Very disappointing, but it became time that someone made an end to this, as this if very unfair against all the students, researchers etc. who work their butts off and really deserve the kind of fame and glamour that Serkan was enjoying for the past years. Respect to you, Nakres, for your efforts!

  83. Nakres mentioned that there are profesionals who are marketing Serkan to make good money which is obvious but is there any documents and proofs showing it?

  84. I think his conferences and speeches in Turkey must be investigated in order to get a clue about this. Most of the conference and seminar speeches in universities in Turkey do not pay to the keynote speaker other than accomodation (i.e hotel / hostel expenses etc). Maybe he gets money from TV / newspaper interviews which he frequently gives here in Turkey.

    This is a serious claim in fact and must be handled very thoroughly.

  85. Does anybody know where he is right now? In Japan? In Turkey?

    Can anybody tell us how he is responding to the allegations? Is he still in denial?



  86. As someone here already posted: He probably built an infra-free house for himself somewhere in the Amazon jungle.

  87. Dear Anonymous (November 17, 2009 9:59 PM)

    Thanks for your comment. It's a mystery why he had not been caught for so long.

    Dear Anonymous and Arda

    I do not know about possible support of him in Turkey. We just know there are at least a few people who have been supporting his activities in Japan for years. I will write about it later.

    Dear Anonymous (November 18, 2009 5:03 AM)

    Apparently he is still in Japan, and has not given up. We learned that they still intend to continue "Serkan College". The latest "Serkan College" lecture at Shizuoka on Nov. 15 was apparently not cancelled. "Serkan College" in Tokyo is kicked out from the original location (in Tokyo Midtown) but they state "the location will be notified to each participant".

  88. Dear Nakres (November 18, 2009 10:18 AM)

    It is unbelievable that he is still chasing his dirty dream and more unbelievable that there are still people attending to his lectures. His true personality is not exposed to the public enough yet.

    I feel that he really does not care about the ethics of the research world and the pride of To-Dai. Perhaps, he is only after money, who knows.



  89. Everything is usually for money and when it gets bigger and bigger it is not for only 1 person...
    We dont know what kind of people are supporting him and how powerful people supporting him?
    There might be people to use him. When he gets out of those people's control, even those people can take him down. We will see. It doesnt seem he will be fired from Todai. As much as he is in Todai, he will forward eventhough his lies remain. His professor seems very supportive for him. Recently it is said that Serkan is trying to take a role in 3rd bridge construction in Istanbul. So dont suprise if he starts talking in Japan, he is constructing a bridge between Asia and Europe. I have doubts even if what is in this site or in japanese site is true, he wont be taken down from his positions.

  90. Dear Anonymous (November 18, 2009 4:56 PM),

    Could you please explain what do you mean by "his professor seems very supportive".

    After all these evidence, how can he be supportive?

    Perhaps he thinks that he is also in trouble.

    It has been told ealier that JAXA removed his fake papers from their list of papers. This shows that JAXA acknowledges his theft. Do you mean that he will stay with JAXA? What is JAXA planning to do? Does anybody know?

    Is there anything that -for sure- belongs to him other than pictures and three memoir books? What is his honest contribution? Does anybody know?

    I have been hearing that this incident is already heard in US. If he is kept in his current position, reputatation of research from Todai will be seriously damaged. Can the university take this risk?

    We have been told that part of the profession of Architectural Engineering in Japan coincides to Civil-Structural Engineering in other countries such as Seismic Design of Buildings.

    This is important because it is about people's safety. Can the research from Architectural Engineering from Todai be trusted? Can people safely occupy a building that is designed by architectural engineers of Todai? Can somebody explain this?

    Did Serkan design any building? Is he an engineer? Is it safe to occupy the building he designed?

    We have been also told that he worked in a very big company as intern, but never given a full-time position. He does not say in his resume and never mentions it. That company perhaps knows that he is not a good engineer. Did he design any building in that company? If so, are those buildings occupied? Are those buildings safe to occupy?

    Are people's lives in danger?


  91. It is said that there is no good or bad for popularity. All people like fame and money, why not for him?

    Besides even this site is serving to his popularity. Because he is the subject even here.

    I dont think he could be stopped. He is marketing himself very well.So there will be people who think he is hero under conspiracy, once he is famous, he will continue his way because he is in very good position.

    People can warn journalists about his lies.

  93. His prof. supports him. Go to Prof's official english web site, you can see Serkan's adress there. They work on infra free subject now and the prof advocate this project so at the moment nothing seems wrong for him. Besides Serkan is preparing background to be a politician in Turkey.

  94. Dear EE (posted November 18, 2009 10:49 AM),

    Don't worry too much. Many participants to Serkan College are now aware of the problem. I guess they don't cancel just to avoid refund. It seems that they charged the participants for the entire course. If they cancel, they would have to refund for the cancelled part. Well, whether they cancel or not, the participants may sue Serkan College if the lecturer falsified his qualification.

    Actually, one of the participants still attends the lecture even though she is aware of the problem. She kindly reports what happened at Serkan College, which is funny although it is not a laughing matter.

  95. Hey Anonymous (November 18, 2009 4:56 PM, November 18, 2009 8:59 PM, November 18, 2009 10:54 PM),

    "Everything is usually for money" --- maybe for him, but not necessarily for us.

    "We dont know what kind of people are supporting him and how powerful people supporting him?" --- they are not powerful enough to stop newspapers reporting the problem, or to stop cancellation of his lectures.

    "It doesnt seem he will be fired from Todai." -- they are slow, but the conclusion is inevitable.

    "All people like fame and money, why not for him? " -- he can like whatever he wants to like, but fabricating the career and plagiarizing from others' work are quite different problems.

    "I dont think he could be stopped." -- several of his public lectures have been already cancelled.

    "So there will be people who think he is hero under conspiracy" -- even after looking at the spacesuit photo and its original? :-)

    "His prof. supports him. " -- the responsibility of the Professor will be investigated.

    "Serkan is preparing background to be a politician in Turkey." -- apparently he already has a trouble in Turkey. He had to cancel the lecture in Istanbul Book Fair scheduled on October 31st at very short notice. See also

  96. By the way Mr Anilir hasn't been seen on his blogs for some time: He hasn't updated his Turkish blog ( since 4 Oct. and his Japanese blog ( since 26 Sept.

  97. Dear EE (November 18, 2009 6:31 PM),

    Once again, it is clarified:

    Serkan's case is a rare, isolated, unique case. It does not qualify other students, engineers graduted form TU to be like Serkan.

    It is not true that Serkan is an engineer. Serkan is an architect. Architects do not design the bones of the building that makes it stand up.

    In Japan, the terminology is different than West. Some of the majors in Architect Department are engineers who can design the bones. Others are architects who bring different components of houses togather.

    In Japan, to be engineer, it requires to have several years of experience and authority. He does not have both. It is not possible that he design any building.

    His presentations, Ph.D. thesis are all ideas and stories available already in Internnet. Ph.D. thesis especially is only talking. No science, no objective, no conclusion. Nothing put in real life.

  98. 1.Nakres you mentioned you know who supports him and you will explain it.Can you explain? From todays post we understand one is liaison center.
    does he have agency to arrenge for him to be invited so many conferences etc?
    2.Nakres you also mentioned, how you were aware of the case and why are interested in the case. his prof aware of these claims? we cant find prof's e-mail in internet so we can ask him what does he think of it.

  99. he is recomended as prime minister advisory by a reputative newspaper in Turkey.

  100. Is there any proof that he has been in NASA as a resercher at all?
    Of course everybody can visit NASA for visit tourist pleasure program.

  101. This english site is limited, Japanese site is much more detailed. Is there any posibility you can transfer those here in English?

  102. BINGO!!! His hoax has made it into the mainstream Turkish newspapers.

    Congratulations NAKRES!

  103. Sorry, forgot to give link:

  104. What does the turkish article mention?
    Anything new?

  105. The article mentions that:

    - NASA Security has been investigating the case after questions about Mr Anilir

    - Japanese newspapers first contacted with TUBITAK, the scientific and technological research institute of Turkey. TUBITAK said that they have no relationship in any kind with him.

    - The newspapers contacted with Tokyo University about the accusations. After this, university management asked Anilir for a defence. He said that he can provide a written official paper about his astronaut program. He submitted an "official" letter stating that he was selected for the first civilian astronaut through Ministry of Transportation. The letter had Mr Ali Ariduru's signature on it. Ariduru is the manager of Civil Aviation Office of the Ministry.

    - Japanese newspapers contacted with Turkish Embassy in Tokyo about the letter. The embassy investigated the case and informed that the letter and the signature is fraud. The embassy then reported this issue to Turkish Ministry of Transportation

    - Star newspaper then apologizes from readers, stating that apparently Anilir also told them lies.

    1. Very Useful information, this is both good reading for, have quite a few good key points and I learn some new stuff from it too.

  106. Dear Arda,

    The Turkish version does not mention the part:

    The letter had Mr Ali Ariduru's signature on it. Ariduru is the manager of Civil Aviation Office of the Ministry

    Where did you get this info?

  107. my bad... it was added later... sorry...

  108. whats result?
    won or lost?
    historical or hospitalical?

  109. This swindler saying something:

    There's no awareness of Mr. serkan himself what he had done...

  110. Sevgili Serkan,

    Ozur diledigin aciklamani okuduk.

    Ne yazik ki, yaptigin hasar bir aciklama ile duzelecek turden degil.

    Zaten, aciklanan ve belgelerle ispatlanan somut kusurlarina cevap ta vermemissin. Her zaman ki gibi kivirtip, "soz veriyorum, iyi cocuk olacagim" demissin.

    Sevgili Serkan,

    Seni taniyan birisi olarak, sana rahatlikla sunu soyleyebilirim: Senin bilim dunyasi ile, bilimsel dusunme yontemleri ile, bilim felsefesi ile, fizikle, matematikle uzaktan yakindan alakan yok. Kisiligin de, egitimin de, ne yazik ki buna musait degil.

    Su vakte kadar, kendi basina urettigin, sana ait, bir calisman da yok. Biz bulamadik. Sagdan soldan bulduklarini derleyip toparlamissin, uzerine kurdela koyup, liseli temiz-saf genclere satmissin.

    Bu is bu kadar kolay degil.

    Arkadaslarin gece gunduz calisirken, masalarinin uzerinde uyurken, sen gununu gun ettin, eglendin, yedin, ictin, gezdin, tozdun.

    Yalan ve dolanla, artik kimse icin bir anlam ifade etmeyen, bir derece elde ettin. O bizim icin bir kagit parcasidir sadece.

    Sokaktaki insani, colugu, cocugu, dunyadan bihaber gencleri kandirabilirsin. Eziklik psikolojisi ile senin yalana dayali basarilarinla ogunen insanlari kandirabilirsin.

    Ama gercek bilim dunyasinda fazla bir sansin yok. Senin bilenler biliyor.

    Gercek bilim adami alcak gonullu olur. Sen ise "alcak" gonullusun.

    Gercek bilim adami reklam yapmaz. Sen saga sola giderek, yazdigin "cocuklara masal" kitaplarinin reklamini yaptin.

    Gercek bilimi adami yaptiklarini halka mal eder. Sen, banka hesabina mal ettin.

    Sen hakki ile calisip ureten bilim adamlarinin urunlerini caldin. O caldigin urunleri, sana inanan ve guvenen insanlari kandirarak digerlerine sattin.

    Sen bir hirsizsin, ve de cok kalitesiz bir hirsizsin.

    Seni bircok arkadasin uyardi. Kimseyi dinlemedin. Hicbir uyariyi dikkate almadin.

    Simdi ozur diliyorsun. Turkcem cok iyi degildir, ama senin gibilere soylecek cok soz oldugunu biliyorum.

    Senden beklenen ve dogru olan davranis, aldigin dereceni iade edip, ozrunu Japonca, sana inanan ve guvenen insanlarin yuzlerine, basin egik soyleyip, geldigin yere geri donmendir.

    Bunu yapabilecek gucunun, karakterinin ve kabiliyetinin olmadigini biliyoruz.

    Sonuc olarak bekledigimiz, Turk ve Japon makamlarin bu pisligi senin yerine temizlemisidir.

    Ne yazik ki yaptigin hasar buyuktur. Ister istemez, bircok Turk gencinin onunu kapattin.

    Benim gibi Japonya'yi ikinci vatani gibi goren insanlari cok uzdun. Bizde

    Bundan sonra, senin yaptigin bu hasari bizler, gercek bilim adamlari, tamir etmeye calisacagiz. Bu biraz vakit alacaktir.

    Umariz, seni MONBUSHO Bursuna layik goren Turk yetkililer de, yaptiklari hatanin bilincindelerdir. Bundan sonra secim yaparken daha dikkatli davranirlar. Turkiye'de islerin ahbap-cavus iliskileri icerisinde oldugu iyi bilinir. Umariz, Japonya'ya gonderilen ogrencileri secerken, sunun oglu, bunun kizi demezler, hakeden gencleri gonderirler.

    Sevgili Serkan,

    Eglence dunyasinda onunun acik oldugunu gorebiliyoruz. Lutfen o yolda ilerlemeye calis. Bu tarafi birak.

    Sen iyiligini isteyen arkadaslarin.

  111. Serkan Abi, sen Sumerce de biliyormussun ya...

    eki eki eki... :))

    Dunyada Sumerce yazilar okunurken sana da danisilirmis ha.

    He he he :))

    Inandirici olmak icin birde Muazzez Ilmiye Cig ile yan yana olan bir resmi fotomontaj yapsaydin bari... Astronot resminin yaninda iyi giderdi.

    ehie ehi ehei... :)))

    Alpin: Uzun süre yurtdışında, çeşitli ülkelerde yaşamışsınız. Almanya doğumlusunuz. İsviçre'de okumuşsunuz. 8 dil biliyormuşsunuz. Bir tanesi de Sümerceymiş.

    Serkan: Sümerceyi biliyorum. 14 sene çalıştım. 12 yaşında başladım. Benim en sevdiğim hobim. Onun dışında Latince var. İsviçrede çalıştım. Almanya'da beraber yaşadığım ev arkadaşım Yunanlıydı. Doğumgünümde bana kasten bir Yunanca kursunda 6 aylık kayıt hediye etmişti. Onu kırmamak için gittim. Bunun dışında da gittiğim ülkelerden Almanca, İngilizce, Japonca, Hollandaca, İspanyolca... ve tabii Türkçe (gülüşmeler)

    Alpin: Türkçe, Japonya'da yabancı dil olarak sayılıyor tabii (gülüşmeler). Sümerce öğrenmenizin özel bir sebebi var mı?

    Serkan: Evet, var. Ben insanı diğer canlılardan ayıran en önemli şeyin bilgi üretmesi olduğunu düşünüyorum. Bilgiyi de diğer jenerasyonlara bırakıyor. Onu da yazıyla yapıyor. Yazıyı bulan da Sümerler. Sümerlerin yazıyı bulduğu bilinir ama onu nasıl buldu, ne bağlantısı var filan o dikkatimi çekti. Ben 12 yaşındayken Finlandiya'da 3 ay kaldım. Finlandiya'dayken bir uzmandan Sümerce öğrenmeye başladım. Dünyada Sümerce yazılar okunurken bana da danışılır. O seviyede bilgim var yani. Kanji'yi öğrenmen de daha rahat oluyor ondan sonra (gülüşmeler). Tavsiye ederim. Sümerce iyi bir dil.

  112. Mr. Serkan might be a serious racist.
    He hates Japan, Japanese people, and University of Tokyo.
    All of his hoax, fraud, and lie are based his very, very, very deep enmity agaist Japan.

  113. Dear Anonymous posting at November 22, 3:36 PM

    You NEED to show some evidence when you make a claim: this is what we have learned from this farce, isn't it?

    I don't believe Mr Serkan Anilir has been motivated by racism. Not only Japanese but also Turkish, American and European people have been conned by him - for instance, an American academic who is/was in charge of biosphere, and an Italian astronaut whose photo we can see on Mr Anilir's blog. (I won't be bothered to post the link, though.)

  114. Hi,

    Serkan Anilir was a visiting professor at the University of Montreal, Canada, faculty of architecture in march 2009 for a duration of 3 weeks. I was his student. I remember his recklesness. He told us from the start that "Whatever you do in this workshop, you will have an A+". (talking about unearned achievements...) He also said things like:"If you design something great, I will make sure it is built in Japan". When I heard these 2 things, I understood that the man had no interest in architecture at all, so I was wondering why someone with such an impressive scientific background would spend 3 weeks in Montreal, teaching architecture (not engineering). He said that he goes clubbing every night and he frequently invited the students to his house to simply talk and have drinks. He was running on caffeine and coca cola. I admit that it was a breath of fresh air to have him among us, to have someone "real" that wasen't too serious and didn't care about rules...we had to research on shrinking cities in Japan and propose an infra-free architecture that would help the shrinking communities. When speaking about this issue, Serkan seemed actually interested and caring. As an architecture critic, he gave us interesting comments and during our workshops, he gave us interesting tools to make calculations on waste/food ratios and energy.

    Personnaly, I felt like something was a bit "off" about him, but I couldn't tell what...something felt I see. I don't understand why he does this to himself, he is a smart person, but perhaps he has to much imagination and ambition and his eagerness to get to the top played against him. For those who haven't met him, it's true that he is an interesting, charming and funny person. Even though he fooled many people, I wish him luck and I hope he finds the right path for him.

    By the way, he is not listed in the Wikipedia list of Olympic medalists in alpine skiing,


  115. a news on Turkish TV, explaining what the hell he did to Turkey and Japan

  116. the situation is getting more dramatic. hope he does not suicide or smtg...

  117. Suicide? You should be joking. If he had this respect to himself, he wouldnt have done this mess. Because what he did ( I mean lies about his career) is very intentional and long term actions. He probably counts his money that he got from all these researches, before sleeping everynight and i bet you he even didnt think about suicide.
    I hope he gets the proper fine soon.

  118. Here is a rough translation of Serkan’s announcement. Sorry, I am not good at English, but I tried to be as pure as possible. If anybody want to correct it, you’re welcome.

    Part 1

    Ağustos ayının sonunda Japonya’da Asahi gazetesinde beni tanıtan bir yazıdan sonra gelişen olaylarda, hakkımda bir takım iddialar ortaya atıldı. Bu yazıyı, bu iddiaları cevaplamak için yazıyorum.

    >>There were several allegations about me after a news [was published] in Asahi Newspaper, in Japan, at the end of the month of August. I am writing this text [announcement] to answer these allegations.

    Japonya’daki özgeçmişimi özetleyecek olursak, 1999 yılında Japon hükümetinden aldığım bir bursla ilk olarak Tokyo Üniversitesine geldim.

    >>If we summarize my resume in Japan, I came to Tokyo University with a scholarship that I got from Japanese Government.

    2003 yılında doktoramı tamamlayıp, Nisan ayından itibaren Japon Uzay Havacılık Dairesinde görev almaya başladım.

    >>Having completed by doctorate in 2003, I started to work in Japan Space Aviation Office.

    2005 yılının Mayıs ayından itibaren ise Tokyo Üniversitesinde akademisyen olarak görev almaya başladım ve Altyapısız sistemler ve bunun çeşitli ölçeklerdeki uygulamaları üzerine yönelik araştırmalarıma halen devam ediyorum.

    >>From the month of May of the year of 2005, I started to work as an academician in Tokyo University, and I am still continuing my research regarding the systems without infrastructure and applications of this in various scales.

    Bu konunun üzerine yirminin üzerinde yayın ve konferans bildirisi vardır.

    >>There are more than twenty publication and conference proceedings on this topic. [he does not say “I published…”]

    Asıl mesleğim mimarlık olmasına rağmen; buraya geldikten sonra mimarlık fakültesinin bağımsız değil, mühendisliğin bir alt birimi olmasından dolayı, bende mühendislikle bağlantılı alanlarda elimden geldiğince kendimi geliştirmeye çalıştım ve mühendislik diploması ile mezun oldum.

    >>Even though my main profession is architecture; since the faculty of architecture is a subunit of engineering rather than being independent, I, too, tried to improve myself in the fields that are related to engineering as much as I can, and I graduated with an engineering diploma.

    Burada bulunduğum 10 sene içerisinde onlarca çalışma grubunda lider veya üye olarak aktif olarak görev aldım ve alıyorum;

    >>I actively took and am taking charge in tens of study [work] groups as a leader or member during the 10 years I have been here;

    bu çalışmaları da İnternette adım altında çıkan bilgi kirliliğine son vermek için, Türkçe kitabımda elimden geldiğince toparlamaya çalıştım.

    >>I tried to collect these works too in my Turkish book as much as I can, to end the information pollution that appeared in the Internet under my name.

    Continued Below

  119. Part 2

    Buradan, bana yönelik iki önemli iddiaya yanıt vermek istiyorum.

    >>From here, I want to respond to important allegations directed to me.

    Bunlardan ilki yayınlarımdan dört tanesinin çalıntı olduğu, buradaki Milli Eğitim Bakanlığının bu konuda bana 2 seneliğine tahsis edilen 3,5 milyon yenlik araştırma bütçesi hakkında inceleme başlattığını ve hatta Tokyo Üniversitesinden çıkarıldığım üzerine iddialardır.

    >>The first one of these are the allegations that my four publications are stolen, an investigation is started regarding the 3.5 Million Yen research fund that was assigned to me for two years, and even that I was expelled from Tokyo University.

    Bunun gerçekle ilgisi yoktur.

    >>This has nothing to do with the reality.

    Üniversitem bu iddialar üzerine benden bütün yayın ve özgeçmişimi istemiş, bende teslim ettikten sonra bunun içeriğini onaylamıştır.

    >>The University has requested from me whole [my] publications and my resume, after I having submitted, they approved the contents of this [the publications and the resume].

    Bu yüzden halen görevim de devam etmektedir.

    >>Because of this, my position is still continuing.

    Bu yayını tekzip etmek için avukat aracılığı ile işlemlere başlayıp yargıya intikal ettireceğim.

    >>To contradict this publication [Nakres blog], I will start the operations through a lawyer and bring [it] to the justice.

  120. Part 3

    İkinci iddia ise astronot adaylığı ile ilgili olup, fotomontaj bir resimden yola çıkılarak yapılan iddialardır.

    >>As of the second allegation being related to astronaut candidacy, are the allegations that come from a photomontage photo.

    Bu benim yanlışım oldu.

    >>This happened to be my mistake.

    Bu resim 2004 yılında tamamıyla anı olsun diye Houston’da çekilmiş ve astronot adaylığı konusunda hiçbir resmi ilerleme olmamasına rağmen, benim kendi özgeçmişimde kullanmamdan dolayısıyla sorun olmuştur.

    >>This photo was taken in Houston, in the year of 2004, totally [absolutely] to be a memory, and even though there was not an official progress in the astronaut candidacy, this became a problem because of me using [it] in my resume. [Please note that he says photomontage first, than he says this photo is taken.]

    Bunu çok önceden özgeçmişimden çıkarıp bahsetmemem gerekmesine rağmen, olayı sanki birgün gerçekleşecekmiş gibi bu noktalara gelene kadar çekiştirerek getirmek benim en büyük hatam oldu.

    >>Even though I should have removed it from my resume and I should not have mentioned [it], it was my mistake that I brought [this problem] to this point by hitching it along as if the event [the astronaut candidacy] is going to become reality one day.

    Bu konudaki hatamı kabul ediyor ve özür diliyorum.

    >>I accept my mistake in this matter and I apologize.

    Burada olduğum zaman içerisinde, Türkiye ile de bağlarımı koparmadan elimden geldiğince kendi deneyim ve tecrübelerimi, hiçbir maddi talepte bulunmadan herkesle paylaşmaya çalıştım.

    >>During the time I have been here, I tried to share my experience and experience [two different words with same meaning] with everyone as much as I can without breaking my connection with Turkey.

    Bazı zamanlarda ortamdan etkilenerek ve aynı zamanda birçok farklı işi yapmaya çalışarak bir akademisyen ciddiyetinde davranmamış olabilirim.

    >>Having been affected from the environment [circumstances] and, at the same time, having trying to do many different jobs, I might not have behaved with the seriousness of an academician at some times.

    Bunun bir hata olduğunu bu olay neticesinde öğreniyorum.

    >>I am learning that this is a mistake as a conclusion of this event [incident].

    Bundan sonra bir akademisyenin olması gerektiği gibi, kendimi daha çok işime vereceğime, attığım her adıma daha dikkat edeceğime ve daha kapsamlı sonuç ve uygulamalar üreteceğime söz veriyorum...

    >>After this, I promise that, as required from an academician, I will give myself to my job more, that I will be more careful with every step I take, and that I will produce results and applications with more inclusions [contents].

    Şahsıma yönelik çıkan bu kötü olay neticesinde üzülen, beni seven ve bana her daim destek olan çok sevgili öğrenci kardeşlerimden de özür diliyorum.

    >>I apologize from my dearest student brothers/sisters that loved me and supported me no matter what happened, as a conclusion of this event [incident] that directed to me.

  121. As you can see, he is playing tricks to cheat the Turkish audiance.

  122. This pathological liar sickens me. He didn't
    even bother to FAKE his Ph.D. thesis. This idiot
    STOLE other people's work and claimed it as his
    own. The thesis contains >50% pages with
    plagiarized text and figures. This outrageous
    and embarrassing Ph.D. thesis is being exposed
    to the whole world to see and the imcompetent
    university who granted this shameless con a
    Ph.D. hasn't said a word! Come on! Worse
    yet, they hired this SOB as Assitant Prof. Unbelievable.

  123. dear nakres,
    I want to ask you 2 suspicious subjects... first,Dr. serkan anilir reported his turkish blog that he is the one of the technology consultant of SONY. is it really???

    other one, he has been lived in tokyo for 10 years. why did anyone see the light??? why??? is he a professional lier or are all people ,who believe in him, completely blind???

  124. Dear All,

    Sorry for lagging behind.
    Please understand that I have limited time to work on this blog.

    I will try to answer some questions below:

    Q: Nakres you also mentioned, how you were aware of the case and why are interested in the case.

    A: Please see the post

    Q: is his prof aware of these claims? we cant find prof's e-mail in internet so we can ask him what does he think of it.

    Many people said at "2 channel" that they notified the Professor. It seems that he never replied, but he should be aware of the problem now. Perhaps the problem is too big to be dealt with the Professor alone, but he should explain to the public at some point.

    Q: Is there any proof that he has been in NASA as a resercher at all?

    A: Please see the post

    Q: This english site is limited, Japanese site is much more detailed. Is there any posibility you can transfer those here in English?

    A: I try to present relevant information in English one by one, but sorry, my capacity is limited. If you could help us, it would be appreciated.

    Q: Dr. serkan anilir reported his turkish blog that he is the one of the technology consultant of SONY. is it really???

    A: I have never seen the SONY claim before. Could you post a link to the relevant article? If he has never mentioned that in Japan, it looks very dubious.

    Q: why did anyone see the light??? why??? is he a professional lier or are all people ,who believe in him, completely blind???

    A: I want to know the answer, too. It seems that he is very talented in fooling the people, but the question still remains.

  125. Thanks to all the people who posted valuable information.

    To the person who kindly translated Dr. Aniir's excuse on the blog: can I post a new entry based on your translation? Thanks.

  126. Nakres (November 28, 2009 3:45 PM)

    Yes. Please post it.

    I apologize, the translation sounds a little bit ugly, but Serkan's Turkish is not good either; he has used sentences that are not clear, direct, explanatory, with several slang words and etc...

    This individual has no clue how to write a simple essay!!!

  127. The Turkish blog will be closed in couple of days.

    The author states that his friends that
    -for some reason- have known Serkan are effected negatively due to this incident, and he/she doesn't want to harm them more.

    Perhaps he mentions about his Turkish friends in Japan. Perhaps they are wrongly judged because of this incident. If this is the case, this is sad.

  128. It is such a shame that the Turkish blog will be closed for such a reason. I don't want to see anyone harmed by this.

    Maybe Mr. Serkan Anilir thinks nobody in Japan can read his Turkish blog or other Turkish sources, so there must be Turkish people who are making it possible for us to read Turkish articles. If this is the case, he is fundamentally mistaken. There are many Japanese speakers who can read and write Turkish. After all, Turkey and Japan has long been related.

    Also, we have fairly useable machine translation systems for Turkish and English, and many of us (Japanese) can read and write English with no problem.

    Dear Mr. Serkan Anilir, you can't kill the message in this information age. No use trying to shoot the messenger. No avail at all. You are such a smart person who doesn't need lies to build your career, aren't you?

    Posted by a concerned Japanese, Number 713 on the 11th thread

  129. can anyone transfer content of turkish blog to another web page or blog?

  130. Kenan Doğulu - Rütbeni Bileceksin






















  131. Apparently, Todai knows what needs to be done. Look at the article below:;jsessionid=BC45658EBE5806F28D87CDA72D4DABE6.tomcat1?fromPage=online&aid=433986

    Scientific Misconduct in Japan: The Present Paucity of Oversight Policy
    a1 University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan
    a2 Department of Biomedical Ethics at the School of Health Science and Nursing, University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

    Scientific misconduct can jeopardize scientific progress and destroy the credibility and reputation of academic institutions and their faculty and students; ultimately it can compromise scientific integrity and result in a loss of confidence for the entire scientific community. Only recently in Japan has scientific misconduct become a central public topic. This increased attention to the topic, in turn, has highlighted a paucity of ethical standards within the Japanese scientific community and a lack of an apt process for conflict resolution. In this brief report, we first provide an overview of several high-profile cases of scientific misconduct recently uncovered in Japan. Next we consider how a recent rise in competition within the academic and scientific communities is possibly related to a concurrent increase in reported cases of scientific misconduct. Last, after discussing what actions have already been taken, we recommend further actions needed to deal with the problem of scientific misconduct in Japan.

  132. >Any news?

    No. Formal allegations have been filed to the University of Tokyo, and they are apparently being investigated. Due to the excessive volume of the alleged misconducts, I wouldn't be surprised if the investigations take at least several months if not a year.

  133. Hey what is going on? Nakres are you there?

  134. he's changed interface of his blog

    perhaps, this may be a good way to make a new, fresh start. =)

  135. Serkan Anilir's Ph.D. has been revoked by the University of Tokyo! May justice be served...

  136. Read this article ->

  137. What is gonna happen next? Anybody knows?

  138. Congrats to all!!!

  139. For a long time,
    Mr serkan has behaved toward many japanese
    as if he were a great representative of Turkey...

    And still now, he makes a poor excuse on his blog.

    ...So, you can easily image what will happen next...

  140. Serkan hasn't been officially fired yet. Apparently, there are still his other misconducts (making up nonexistent articles on progress reports, falsifying his resume, etc) being investigated and the university will act based on the outcomes hopefully in the near future.

    The tone of the press release from the universities top officials were VERY serious. Serkan's case is the first ever case of a Ph.D. being revoked in the 133-yr history of the country's top university. Just based on the plagiarized thesis alone, it is highly likely that Serkan will be dismissed with disciplinary actions but the main question now is who else (e.g. his adviser and thesis committee members) will be held responsible for granting the Ph.D. to this con artist in the first place.

  141. Mr serkan says that he will go back to Turkey to serve the military service

  142. Mr serkan declares that the disposal by university of tokyo is just a pretext, in his blog.
    And he says that he is still a colonel of Turkey army...

  143. I'm at 東大 right now. I've been reading all day about this incident. It's very easy to understand his character by viewing the interview on youtube, basically just saying random words for 10 minutes. I'm wondering, is he officially fired? If not I would like to go there and meet him.... seem like a funny guy, unfortunately he likely made life as a foreigner in japan a lot worse. If you need information, I can probably get it for you.

  144. He hasn't been fired yet, but should be very soon. He seems to have been taking time off due to "bad health" for the last several months, so he doesn't commute to the campus very often.

  145. Serkan Anilir was officially fired for misconducts. Apparently he had forged diplomas of IIT and Istanbul University before getting his job as well. I hope this ass hole won't repeat these offenses in other countries...

  146. Now Mr Serkan is in Turkey,
    claiming in his blog that he want to serve the military service.

  147. Mr. Serkan (aka the King of Liar) claims his leaving from Tokyo University as "self-retirement" in his Japanese blog.

    Serkan, come on, Japanese kick your beautiful ass so fiercely so that you don't need take a plane to fly Turkey =). This kid continues his lies on his Japanese blog.

    Anyway, it is better to forget and leave alone this kid in his fancy world, he is definitely a waste of sperm and egg.

  148. recent news in Turkish media..

  149. I think it's time to drop "Dr." from the title of this blog...

  150. isn't he update his turkish blog? it's very funny to read his lias. by the way, this blog has done a great job

  151. I have just learnt about this most bizarre story (posted this statement somewhere else, before discovering this blog). I am really suprised that none of his peers-advisors noticed any imperfection with his writings, talks, interviews, and research all along. Let's forget about this absolute idiot (he should be punished severely, of course) and his "success" story. Most impartantly, what is going to be done with the whole system (academic, and otherwise, but especially academic) that created this little monster? Obviously, that system is responsible for most faults, fabrications, imeperctions. His advisors, funders, his referees should be made to pay for this too. Unfortunately, the level of academic-scholarly-secientific excellence is really poor in many places. The system seems to eb interested in the long list of publications (but not in their contents-substance; referees do not read or understand them), list of awards (but not in real stories of these mostly worthless self-promotions), and in flashy names (here Tokyo University (in Japan), and NASA -everywhere) without much substance. On the other hand, sadly, most people with true scholarly and scientific talent are not recognized. This story is a good example.

  152. I am from Turkey and read a news in a Turkish newspaper about this man. This is a big embarrassment for us. This man looks really a big liar but what I don't understand how he was accepted to such a prestigious university in Japan and how its phd thesis was approved. I am a high school physics teacher and I put my students' lab reports to turnitin and check if there is a plagiarism from the literature.

  153. reminds me of "catch me if you can" with Leo Dicaprio...

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